Selected Reports

Djonov, E, Torr, J and Pham, L. (2017) A survey of library staff involved in early literacy initiatives. Department of Educational Studies, Macquarie University & State Library of New South Wales, Australia.

Pham, L. (2012) Migration and its implications for education policies. June 2012. Paper for UNESCO-KEDI Policy Seminar: Education policy-making in the age of migration in Asia and the Pacific, in Bangkok, July 2012.

Pham, L. (2012) Towards Aid Effectiveness: The Importance of Mutual Accountability.  Policy Brief for UNESCO Bangkok- Education Policy and Reform.

Pham, L. (2012) Understanding emergent development trends in the Asia-Pacific region and their implications for a new vision of education. May 2012. Paper for UNESCO Bangkok Regional Experts Meeting: Towards EFA 2015 and Beyond – Shaping a new Vision of Education, in Bangkok, May 2012.

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PhD Dissertation:
Understanding the transformative potential of international education for Vietnamese overseas graduates and their communities.