Selected Conference Papers

Evaluating  the impact of Covid-19 response in the WOBA Vietnam project. Covid-19 & WASH Behavioural Change. WASH & The COVID-19 Pandemic Virtual Symposium. Water and WASH Futures, April 2021

Responsibility and freedom in community activism: A case for sustainable development in Vietnam’s emerging civil society. Refereed paper presented at International Social Ontology 2018, Boston, August 2018.

The role of State-Society relations in Vietnam’s pathway to neoliberalism. Refereed paper presented at International Political Science Association 2018 conference, Brisbane, July 2018.

Family and community networks: Tactics of everyday life practices in the Vietnamese diaspora. Paper presented at the Australian Association of Asian Studies Conference, Sydney, July 2018.

Intersection of capital and capabilities: Implications for equity policies in education using the case of Australia’s 2015 PISA results. Paper presented at the HDCA 2017 conference, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2017.

Understanding the culture of communication in shaping value, equality and process of agency: A case study of community activities in Vietnam. Paper presented at the HDCA 2015 conference in Georgetown University, Washington DC September 2015.

Social networks, commitment, and agency in community work participation in Vietnam: Civil society reconsidered. Paper presented at the HDCA 2014 conference in Athens, Greece, September 2014.

Reimagining the ideology of international education and development: from human capital theory to perspectives of freedom and capability – A case study of Vietnamese students in Australia. Peer reviewed paper published with DEPOCEN for presentation at the 6th Vietnamese Economist Annual Meeting (VEAM) in Hue, June 2013.

Evaluating the transformative impact of international education: a case for operationalizing the capability approach using Bourdieuian theory. Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) annual conference in Jakarta, September 2012.
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