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This website provides information about my research, writing and scholarly activities. It has an overview of my publications. If you are looking for a copy of any of my publications, please feel free to get in touch with me.

This website also has my blogs, which are my thoughts and reflections on issues that I come across in my research and academic life.

About Me

I have a PhD in sociology from Macquarie University and a degree in economics from the University of Sydney.

My research interests are education and socio-economic and human development, political participation in non-democracies, diaspora, postcolonialism and Vietnam studies. I have conducted extensive research on educational policies for multilateral development agencies in the Asia-Pacific region and public policies evaluation in Australia.

In my current role as an academic at the University of Technology Sydney, I teach philosophy of science and research methodologies in the social sciences for higher degree of research students.  I have presented seminars and facilitated research methodology workshops in Vietnamese and Malaysian universities. I also provide consultations on research design, data analysis and policy evaluation.

I recently co-edited a special issue for the Journal Policy Futures of Education: Capital and Capability Reimagining Social Justice in Education (with Tebeje Molla).

I am currently working on two projects; a book about political participation in authoritarian states; and study on returning Chinese and Vietnamese international student’ contribution to social development.

Email: lienph1@gmail.com
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