International Graduates Returning to Vietnam 

Book Cover

  1. Introduction: Rethinking international education
  2. International education: A bridge to ethical development
  3. Sen-Bourdieu framework: Conceptualising normative agency
  4. From theory to praxis: A sociological analysis of capabilities
  5. Encountering the Vietnamese habitus
  6. Priorities, motivations and expectations of returnees
  7. ‘Professional’ field: Skills, income, status and foreign firms
  8. ‘Intellectual’ field: Education reformers and conformers
  9. ‘Civic’ field: Negotiating the ideals of community, citizenship and community work
  10. Conclusion: Skills, knowledge, citizenship and reflexivity

Political Participation and Democratic Capability in Authoritarian States

Part I Theorising Political Participation 

1. Understanding Political Participation in Diverse Societies 

2. Three-Domains Political Participation Framework 

Part II Institutionalised Political Identities and Culture 

3. Expanding Opportunities and Infusing Values through Singapore’s Anti-Welfare System 

4. Examining the Rise and Effects of Tribalism in Jordan 

5. Conditionality of Participatory Agency in Belarus 

Part III Participation Practices and the ‘Political’ Turn 

6. Dialogues Between Culture and Politics: A case study of Cuban Revolutionary films 

7. Political Education and Political Participation: A case study of Nigeria’s voter education campaign in the 2019 general election 

8. Protests Through Print and Social Media: A case study of citizens’ responses to Vietnam’s Special Administrative-Economic Zone Bill 

Part IV Conclusions 

9. Political Participation, Agency, and Democratic Capability