International Graduates Returning to Vietnam (2019)

Education in the Asia-Pacific Region: Issues, Concerns and Prospects. No 48. Springer Singapore.

Book Cover

List of Chapters

  1. Introduction: Rethinking international education
  2. International education: A bridge to ethical development
  3. Sen-Bourdieu framework: Conceptualising normative agency
  4. From theory to praxis: A sociological analysis of capabilities
  5. Encountering the Vietnamese habitus
  6. Priorities, motivations and expectations of returnees
  7. ‘Professional’ field: Skills, income, status and foreign firms
  8. ‘Intellectual’ field: Education reformers and conformers
  9. ‘Civic’ field: Negotiating the ideals of community, citizenship and community work
  10. Conclusion: Skills, knowledge, citizenship and reflexivity